Diamond Industries LLC offers porter and matron services to keep your business clean all year-round. If you have clients coming in and out regulary, our day and evening porter/matron services will ensure your business is clean and nice to maintain your public image.

Our porter/matron services include:

Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and polishing/honing of floors
Cleaning of all entryways and reception areas
Kitchen and lounge areas (countertops, appliances, etc)
Surface dusting (high and low surfaces)
Sanitizing all bathroom fixtures, sinks, etc
Window cleaning and blind dusting/maintenance
Cleaning/dusting of light fixtures, baseboards, and other surfaces

Need a customized service? At Diamond Industries LLC we can create a services plan just for you. Get only the srvices you truly need according to your business and budget. Our team of professionals know how to make your business look the best.

Contact us today to start your plan!

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