1.  The website  www.diamondillc.us  is owned by Diamond Industries, who is in charge of its administration and management. By using the website, the user fully and unreservedly accepts each and every one of these Terms and Conditions, and agrees to abide by them. Likewise, you agree that you will comply with the instructions for use found therein.

2.  The administration, use and development of the virtual spaces of the website  www.diamondillc.us , are subject to national laws, particularly with those relating to Intellectual Property. Likewise, its policies will be implemented within the framework established by Decision 351 of 1993 of the Andean Community, Andean Decision 486 of 2000 and Law 23 of 1982, as well as the provisions that modify or reform them.

3. Access to the website  www.diamondillc.us  is free and free. Users who wish to reproduce, publicly communicate, make available, transform or carry out any other form of exploitation of the works that rest therein, must have the prior and express authorization of their author or owner, unless the works are found in the public domain, or its use is covered by a limitation or exception or the work in question has a free use license.

4.  The user of the website  www.diamondillc.us  agrees to make proper use of it. Therefore, it will not infringe the website, it will not publish content that contravenes public order, morals and good customs, it will not make discriminatory, vulgar, defamatory, insulting, slanderous or obscene comments, nor will it carry out illegal practices there.

5. Diamond Industries is not responsible for the contents, images (locations or people), data and information that each of the users of the same store or transmit in the different virtual spaces offered through the website  www.diamondillc.us

6.  Users of the website  www.diamondillc.us , must submit to its Terms and Conditions and participation for users.

7. Diamond Industries is not responsible for technical errors, nor does it guarantee that the service will be provided continuously. Diamond Industries does its best to ensure that the content provided is of the highest quality.

8. Diamond Industries may modify the Terms and Conditions of use of the website  www.diamondillc.us  at any time and at its free choice.

9.  The transmission, routing or supply of connections by Diamond Industries with the website of another company or entity does not necessarily imply the existence of relationships between Diamond Industries and the linked website, nor the acceptance or approval of its content. or services.

10. Diamond Industries does not guarantee the accuracy or veracity of the information contained in its page, nor its updating, nor that said information has been altered or modified.

11. Diamond Industries may remove content that it deems inappropriate, illegal or that goes against the Terms and Conditions of use of its website  www.diamondillc.us  Likewise, it may restrict content, comments, participations and access to users who breach the policies of this agreement.

12. Diamond Industries is not responsible for the participation of users in the different virtual spaces offered through the website  www.diamondillc.us . The user is directly responsible for their participation in chats, comments, blogs, forums or any other virtual space, as well as for the opinions, actions or behaviors within the portal.

13. Diamond Industries is not responsible for products or services that are offered by advertisers through the website  www.diamondillc.us .

14.  Users will have authorship or ownership over published works, unless expressly stated otherwise. Diamond Industries will respect the Intellectual Property Rights on them.

15.  Any person who considers that his or her intellectual work or creation has been used on the website  www.diamondillc.us , improperly or illegally, will notify Diamond Industries of such situation, which will make the pertinent decisions. 

16.  The images used to illustrate the content of Diamond Industries are for strictly informative and pedagogical purposes. All the images used are part of image banks for free use or for which Diamond Industries has explicit authorization for their use. In the cases that the images are explicitly protected by copyright registers, the ownership of the rights will be made explicit. Likewise, when content is illustrated with images or logos of an entity, project, tool or technological solution, it will be understood that these have been shared through the web spaces of the holders of their rights in order to be disclosed.

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